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Full Version: Taking a break from trading for a while
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Been dreading this, but I have to let all my great trading partners here on Beckett know that I need to stop trading for a while, we are moving and getting the house ready for sale, and the cards are being packed up and put in storage (yikes!!). I fully intend to return and continue actively trading at some point in the future, but right now I just don't know when that will be.

I will, however, keep up my org as needed (I'm still acquiring cards!) and will let you all know when I'm back in action. I'll be monitoring the trade page, and will cancel any trade offer I get (with a comment explaining more than "rather not say") until then.

And I'll finish up any trade I have in progress now before shutting down completely (you too, JEH177 !!), though at some point my ability to add different cards in will end.

So, for now, signing off, keep trading, see you later!


So it's pretty much going to be me & micber left trading for awhile lol. Take care & come back soon
trade offer sent before you disappear!!
Hope the move goes well, I'm sure we'll strike up a trade as soon as you get back. Take Care
Best of luck with the move and the new house!
Update - the cards are now packed up and totally inaccessible, and it looks like that'll stay that way until late August at the very earliest, maybe much later. Should know more in a couple of weeks - we bought a house in the Atlanta, Georgia area and expect to settle early next month, then coordinate move logistics (tho we still have to sell this house), will keep you updated. I guess I'll have to look into getting Thrashers tickets, lol.

Thanks for the comments, and thanks for understanding - Mark.
Good Luck and safe travels to your new home. Don't hold your breathe for any Hockey to return to ATLlol.
Hi Mark: Just wanted to say thanks for all our previous trades and wish you all the best with the move and with possession of your new home. Have been pretty quiet on the trade front lately , but maybe we can trade again some time up the road.... Dan
Update - we settled on a house in Georgia last Friday, but are not getting much traction in selling the Maryland house, so we'll likely have to sit here, packed up, until we get a contract on it - paying both mortgages. Boring and expensive! So we're now thinking we should be in Georgia by late November (Thanksgiving) - will keep you posted if things progress faster (or slower, ugh!). Thanks for your patience - and please still be here when I get back into action!

(08-17-2018, 08:49 AM)mswatson Wrote: [ -> ]So we're now thinking we should be in Georgia by late November (Thanksgiving)

That's just in time for Young Gun season!! I'm sure we'll make our annual monster trade soon-after you arrive.

Good luck and best wishes with everything!!
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