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This week is the All-Star Race @ Charlotte on Saturday 5/19 at 8pm on FS1. I will do this the same as last year. Whoever picks the highest finishing driver gets 10 points. Whoever picks the worst finishing driver gets 2 points. The points go down from 10 but not every points slot will be given if some people take the same driver. If two people pick the highest finisher, both get 10 points but the person picking the 2nd highest finisher gets 8 points, and so on.

The cutoff time to make picks is Saturday 5/19 at 5pm EDT!

Here are the current points standings:

1. kev - 507
2. dun - 494
3. wsc - 479
4. kd80 - 475
5. spaz - 421
6. nick - 386
7. csc - 336
8. lead - 305
9. a9a - 301
Chase Elliott
Well, with four stages, shoot out style ending, restrictor plates, throwback aero packages, and only 20 drivers, I'm not sure that my normal research will amount to much, but I'm going with Martin Truex.
(05-13-2018, 08:02 PM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Chase Elliott
You do know that you've got to rely on him winning the Fan Vote or racing his way into it during the All-Star Open race before the All-Star Race, right?!!!
And BOTH of THOSE won't be announced until AFTER the cut-off time to pick your driver. The All-Star Open doesn't start until 6pm EDT and the actual All-Star race starts about 8pm.
(05-13-2018, 09:17 PM)dunnere Wrote: [ -> ]Well, with four stages, shoot out style ending, restrictor plates, throwback aero packages, and only 20 drivers, I'm not sure that my normal research will amount to much, but I'm going with Martin Truex.
*The restrictor plates is about the only significant change to the ASR this year.

*No research can ever predict the All-Star Race!!!

*And that's what makes it such a great race every year.

NASCAR certainly needs to do something about the aero-packages though. It's getting beyond ridiculous that cars can't race side-by-side without the bottom car losing all grip and sliding up into everyone behind him!!! They need to fix that or they will just have to find a bunch more road-courses where they can actually race.
I finally got the opportunity today to talk to my sister about her, her boyfriend, and her 2 children going with me to the Charlotte "Roval" race on September 30th. We usually have gone to the October Martinsville race for the last few years. But I REALLY want to go to this "Roval" race! It's an hour farther drive from my house and from hers, but it also starts an hour earlier than the Martinsville race did last year. She should still be able to get home about the same time from Charlotte this year as she did from Martinsville last year. I'm really trying to talk her into it. Either way, I plan on going to the Roval race. Even if I have to go by myself and then go to the Martinsville race with the rest of the family at the end of October. As much as I want company for a sporting event, I'll go to the 'roval' race alone if I have to and then join the rest for the Martinsville race. I don't think I'll have to go alone though. I know my Mom is interested in the Roval race.
I am going with Logano and see what happens.
Harvick - Thanks!
Yes sir I do I am in last place already cant get much worse hahaha
Brad K
Update on how many drivers will get into the All-Star race this year. They added another change that I didn't know about (or forgot). Not only will the Open Winner and Fan Vote Winner get into the race, but the Stage Winners will get in too.
So there could be 21 cars in the race. 17 are qualified for the race. If the stages of the Open are won by different drivers and the Open Winner didn't win Stages 1 or 2 that adds 4 drivers. Fan Vote has always gone to the highest vote-getter that doesn't race their way into it.

Now for my pick. Since there was basically no practice Friday and Qualifying was a mess, it's all up in the air. No one knows what will happen and many of the drivers didn't get a single lap of practice. I'm going to pick the only 4-time winner of the AS race and hope for the best for JJ.


Qualifying was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time from NASCAR though!!! That was exciting! Mostly just b/c no driver or team really knew what was going to happen or how things could play out b/c of all the rain. It also brings a lot of strategy into it. It's not really a good gauge of who has the best car or skills, but it's the most exciting.
I kind of wish NASCAR would drop the current model of qualifying for other races and go to this format for ALL of the races (except road courses). The whole reason they dropped single-car qualifying in the first place was b/c it was boring and no one really wanted to watch it. Add a pit stop in there at every race and it becomes much more exciting to me!
Lastly, who would have guessed that Roush Fenway would claim the front row? Not me! I can't wait for the race, but I really hope they get it started on-time and have no weather delays. It's been a mess here in NC since Tuesday! Off and on showers/t-storms all week and looks to be continuing through most of this coming week as well. Don't be surprised if the All-Star Race happens on Sunday (or even Monday)!
I am going with Martin Truex. Thanks!
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