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Full Version: Panini Cracked Ice Values?
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Hey, I've been wondering what value Beckett typically attributes to the Cracked Ice parallels in the Contenders Draft Picks series. I typically see a "20x" multiplier for the veteran cards in the set, but I've never seen any value multiplier for the autographed rookies in the set, or for any of the rookie inserts. Is it just up to the market to dictate a possible multiplier, or is there any sort of standard that is applied to the rookies in the same way they are applied to the veterans? Any feedback is appreciated!
Check to see if Beckett has ever published multiplied for cracked ice parallels in past years rookie autos. If so I'd use those as guidelines. If not what I would do then is find some sold cracked ice parallels on ebay and add them to a spreadsheet. Then look at what base versions of the same player have sold for. Then divide the cracked ice sale by the base sale to get a quick and dirty multiplier. Do that for several of the same player and average it. Then grab a couple of mid-level or common players and do the same thing. See if a pattern emerges for a multiplied (think bell curve or scatter plot). Then use that as your guideline.