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Full Version: Matchmaker - Trading Suggestions
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Here are a couple suggestions that would be cool:

Sort by User Name.
Show last login next to User Name.
Show trade rating score next to User Name.

Let me expand a little on each...
Currently when I match my shoebox, I click the Trade tab and see who wants cards that I have available for trade. From there, I'm given a list that shows the card, User Name, qty, etc. It would be awesome if I could sort by User Name. By doing this, I could see who has the most matches with me. Right now I might have one card that 50 people want, so it's listed 50 times. The next card may be wanted by 60 people, so I go through and see if any there are any duplicate users that are interested in both cards. By the time I scroll through to try and figure out who my best match would be I get frustrated and throw in the towel. Especially when dealing with a bunch of cards. I hope that makes sense.

Showing the last login or the trade score next to the User Name would be great. It can be frustrating starting a trade with someone to notice that they haven't logged in for 2 years. Then I have to start the process above over again.

Just thought I would share. Thanks, Bates
I like the Matchmaker feature, but it is definitely painful to use if I am trying to check for multiple cards. I would love to see the sorting feature more than anything else. Seeing last log-in would be nice, but it only takes a click on the user's ID to see that info, so it doesn't waste as much time. If you could sort the list by trader, then you could quickly find the active users with the most overlap and then easily get a trade started.

Soooo many things were supposed to have been fixed and/or improved many moons ago, but we're sadly still waiting. For me, non-active users should be deleted and/or put in a "snooze" mode, so that they disappear from the "possible traders" in my shoe box. Now if for whatever reason Beckett doesn't want to delete them, active users should at least be offered an "ignore" button. This way, we could make our own "clean list" of active traders. Furthermore, it makes no sense whatsoever that you can have a card in both your "trade away" and "trade for" list. Currently, I'd say that over 80% of traders that "claim to have" cards I need for in thier trade list, also have the exact same cards in thier want list. A while back, I contacted them all with a trade offer, very politely, just asking if they really had this/these cards for trade? NONE bothered to reply. As a result, I got to scroll down a long list, just in hopes that my eye will catch a different name listing a card I need.

Thank you
Making a trader place just like market place would fix all that most likely.. But there would be no money in it for Beckett so they won"t change it... But it would be cool..Then most recent users online be first in line to show as you search your cards you want when they have it.