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Full Version: 2018 RFFG - Week 10 - STANDINGS
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It's time for my favorite track! This week's race is on Sunday 4/29 @ Talladega - 2pm on FOX. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 4/28 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current points standings:

1. dun - 395
2. wsc - 389
3. kev - 381
4. spaz - 322
5. kd80 - 316
6. nick - 288
7. lead - 249
8. csc - 248
9. a9a - 210


As it's always a total crapshoot anyway, I'll probably actually stick with JJ this week. It depends if he shows speed in practices though. I do expect a shake-up in the points standings after this race. Lots of us are really close to each other.
Chase Elliott
Who thinks Ricky Stenhouse can go pole to victory lane again?

Not me...

I like the speed the SHR cars have, so it's hard not to take Kurt Busch, but I'll wait to see how practice looks.

Pencil me in for Brad Keselowski right now.
I am going to go with Chase Elliott for right now..... Should be interesting!
Another hard track for me to pick on so I am going with Logano for now this may be one I change up before race day.
Goin with Stenhouse
Harvick please
Kyle Busch this weekend
EVERYONE from 1st to 8th changed places! I told you guys there would be a big shake-up in the points. I have only done the points in my head so far, but that's what I see. Congrats to Kevin for picking the winner and gaining double-digit points on everyone! I'll wait for NASCAR to post official results before I add everything up on paper and post here. I really just need to confirm what I've already written down.
That was a pretty good race to watch. Not quite as exciting as you'd expect at Talladega, but still plenty of good racing action. "The Big One" was pretty crazy (as usual). I'll update this Monday with points and positions.
I should have gone with my SHR guys...not happy with things.
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