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Full Version: 2018 RFFG - Week 6 - STANDINGS
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It's finally time for some short-track racing! This week's race is on Sunday 3/25 @ Martinsville - 2pm on FS1. The cutoff time to make/change picks is on Saturday 3/24 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current points standings:

1. wsc - 224
2. kev - 222
3. dun - 205
4. spaz - 191
5. kd80 - 175
6. lead - 170
7T. nick - 133
7T. csc - 133
9. a9a - 102


Of course I'll go with JJ for now.
Kyle Busch for me.
Chase Elliott
Hamlin for now.
I will go with Brad Keselowski for now.
Hamlin please
Surprisingly, there's a good chance of SNOW on Saturday in Martinsville!!! I'm really glad I didn't get tickets to the Truck race Saturday OR the Cup race on Sunday. It does look like they should be able to get the Cup race in on Sunday, but the truck race is questionable. We probably won't see any action on the track Saturday. At least they have lights at the track now, so the truck race might run after the Cup race Sunday.
We JUST got snow all day Wednesday and here it comes again for Saturday. I was wondering what happened to Winter a few weeks ago, but I guess I should have been thanking the Spring for coming early. Maybe Winter wouldn't have come back as soon as it technically became Spring! We almost hit 80 degrees a few weeks ago and were comfortably in the 50's & 60's for high temps until this week. We even had thunderstorms come through Tuesday night until the snow arrived. Thanks to the warm temps and the rain beforehand, the snow didn't create any problems here. I'm still tired of the snow though!
Truex Jr- Thanks! Hoping for a good recovery.
I'm going to change my pick to Kyle Busch.
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