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Full Version: Lowe's out for the 48
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After 18 seasons, the Lowe's Hendrick's Jimmie Johnson partnership will be over.

Interesting. It will be pretty weird to not see that sponsorship...

Any thoughts on who might be on the 48 next year?
I haven't heard that yet. I am going to guess they are getting out of NASCAR completely, just like Home Depot did.

Kobalt should still remain as a part-time sponsor though. They are linked with Lowe's, but Lowe's has no control over Kobalt. They only sell the products that Kobalt makes.

My first thought for a sponsor would be MTN DEW moves to the 48 for some races in 2019. Maybe Pepsi makes a return as a sponsor since they make Mountain Dew and have sponsored a Hendrick car and/or driver in some way since the early years of Gordon's career. I don't know that Jimmie would agree with that sponsorship though. He's a fitness nut and you never see him drinking soda. Maybe we see a new sponsor in NASCAR like Gatorade or Vitamin Water that JJ would be happy to support.

No matter what, I'm sure the 48 team will have no trouble getting sponsors.
Gatorade was one of the players on my "possible" list...I do not see Kobalt as a Primary sponsor, but maybe they can be talked into it...

Nike Jordan brand has deals with NASCAR already...could they maybe step up? Eh, doubtful.

I think more possible is a Primary Sponsor deal with PEAK, maybe (they already sponsor a series in Mexico, I believe), or MOOG and/or K&N to move in.

Or, getting Go Daddy! back into NASCAR. They were a Mark Martin sponsor on the 5 that Danica is out, Go Daddy! can get back into the winner's circle on the 48...

PEAK already is a part-time sponsor (I think for Bowyer) but I don't know their contract status. I didn't even think about Go Daddy but I wouldn't be surprised to see them come back. Also, Kellogg's could get back into NASCAR. They were a long-time sponsor of the #5 car too, going all the way back to Terry Labonte. CarQuest was a long-time sponsor for Hendrick too, but I doubt they come back.