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Full Version: Anybody have HHN?
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Hey all, obviously I like trading Heritage stuff. Will be adding more to my ORG shortly so keep me in mind!
I have a bunch of 2015 and 2017 high number and a bunch of 2009 SP's
Heck I have a lot of heritage
Take a look
I've got possibly the most expensive heritage card on the market if you want to buy it off me :")
I have a few listed also
Just added some more in, see if there's anything you need!
Sent a couple offers since I am home today and can get some trading done. Will be adding more to my org today as well!
open offer sent.
I do have a few high number not listed from 2016, just in case you are interested
Added some more to my org, anybody want to trade?
Sent an offer
added some more nice inserts!
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