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Email me at for all invalid serial number requests. Include pics front and back of the item (s)

Send me no more than 4 items at once please so I can address each email quicker.
Due to photobucket headaches many pics were lost.

There are many reasons why an item may say invalid. I need to investigate each item to determine the cause(s). Hence why emailing me direct gets the job done faster than posting it. Feel free to post but understand I work Full time and look at the boards once a week. Email works best I read that every day.

Thanks folks-
Hi Jeff, bringing up an old question with some new information I've figured out. I have cards in multiple registries, for example a Joe Montana card in a player registry and the same card in a set registry. Seems to be no problem doing that.

However, I have been trying to add cards to a custom registry that are already in either a player registry or set registry and I get invalid serial number every time. This was not always the case because there are 25 cards in this custom registry already that are in other registries.

Any ideas?

I've been trying to get this number fixed for years, but to no avail...
I have a 1988-89 Fleer #118 Moses Malone BGS 0006744169 that isn't showing in the system.
The prior owner and I, have tried for several years to have this fixed any help would be greatly appreciated.
You have to to get the card regraded in order to get a new serial number or send jeffv96masters (he's the moderator here) a PM and he can help you. Years ago the registry had a database malfunction and all of the old serial numbers were lost. Hope this helps.
[Image: ZacqTKp.jpg?1]
[Image: tRyDGoC.jpg?1]
[Image: cbnQ9Dq.jpg?1]


are the affected serial #s.