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Full Version: Looking for on card auto: sloan/dischinger/barnett/hundley/rowe/towe/flynn robinson
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Hi everybody

I am trying to achieve an exciting challenge, getting one on card auto of all all star players existing. I am almost done with only 7 players to go. Can anybody help me out?

1992 Courtside Flashback Autographs #32 Curtis Rowe
1992 Courtside Flashback Autographs #39 Monte Towe
2005-06 Topps Style Fan Favorites Autographs #FR Flynn Robinson/209*
2006-07 Chronology Autographs #29 Dick Barnett
2006-07 Chronology Autographs #44 Jerry Sloan
2006-07 Chronology Autographs #86 Terry Dischinger
2007-08 SP Authentic Chirography #CRJS Jerry Sloan
2008-09 Upper Deck Premier Penmanship Autographs #PENRH Rod Hundley /50
2008-09 Upper Deck Premier Penmanship Autographs #PENTD Terry Dischinger /50

I can buy or trade!