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Full Version: Benchwarmers: 2008 & 2013 Bubblegum
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Got some Black Friday deals for a couple of boxes of Benchwarmers


Completed the base set with the exception of 5. I need 1, 3, 5, 8, 51. If anyone has these let me know I have stuff to trade for them now.
Lingerie 3 Claudia Jordan & 10 Christy Hemme

6 Buffy Tyler
12 Spencer Scott
13 Jessica Rockwell
16 Enya Flack
32 Miriam Gonzalez
50 Brande Roderick
58 Molly Shea
Red Back 8 Spencer Scott
Blue Foil 59 Mia St. John 3/5!

and a Mary Riley Kiss card

2013 Bubblegum:

Completed the base set and got 11b Brandie Moses SP varient

All-American: 9 Jessica Burciaga & 18 Debbie O'Toole
Boot Camp: 1 Jennifer Walcott 5 Jessica Burciaga 14 Talor Marion
Carmen Electra: "CARMEN" Jersey name in background
Hot Moms: 6 Sandra Taylor 11 Lori Ann Valencia

20 Janet Layug
22 Shawn Dillon
58 Casey Durkin
2012 Happy New Year Lisa Greave
Nice Kiss card