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Full Version: Gems of my MJ collection
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(12-10-2017, 12:51 AM)altz11 Wrote: [ -> ]Some day... Yes! I have the base prototype in a 9.5 but would like to get the metal version in an 8 or 9 someday.
They're very cool and made of aluminum. One of the main reasons why it remained a prototype and they didn't go ahead with production is because they were afraid kids would hurt themselves on the sharp edges.
Good luck on finding one.

Here is another one for you guys. This is the 95-96 Collector's Choice Spanish International Ad Card - one of MJ's most rare and elusive cards on the planet (I own the ungraded one). Only a handful exist. An Upper Deck employee was able to sneak a few of these out as the others were destroyed (so I'm told).
By the way if anyone has one of these I'd be interested in taking it off your hands.

Wow!! Didn't know about this card!
Here are a few from MJ's college-playing days and very hard to come by.

There's the 1982 NCAA UNC Champions original vintage Calendar w/ facsimile autos, which is the more rare version. The other calendar doesn't have the facsimile autos and it doesn't say the UNC Champions so it was probably made before they won the NCAA Championship. The picture shows both for comparison.

1984 The Carolina Tradition vintage poster. You can see MJ was hand-drawn and then copied for these posters. It also has his stats as a player at UNC along the bottom.

1984 University of North Carolina & Dean Smith coloring book. I've always thought this was really cool. You can see MJ on the front with his tongue out and in mid-air.
I finally got this. I've only seen one other for sale and tried to buy it awhile back but someone beat me to it.

1985 Ohio Art Lil' Sport MJ Hoop. There are a couple later versions - the Jr. Jammer hoop games that came out later but this is the first (as far as I know). I wish I could find one of these still sealed.

But this thing is really cool. I wish I had one when I was a kid.
So, I always wanted MJ's 1981 senior Laney High School yearbook - The Spinnaker. I paid more than I wanted to but the inscription & early signature makes it unique and I had to have it.
This is by far the earliest Jordan auto that I have.
MJ was a star even in high school. He has several pages in this yearbook dedicated to him.

For those of you who have Oscar's book check it out. This is the exact same one. I guess he traded his away years ago.

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