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Full Version: My favorite MJ 90's Inserts - PSA 10, BGS 9.5 (Updated)
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I posted my favorite MJ 90's inserts in Gem Mint condition here about a year ago. So I've updated my list quite a bit and I wanted to share it with you all. I've added some cool new inserts to my collection.

Haves -

1993 Ultra Scoring Kings #5 - PSA 10 (I got my Scoring Kings back!!!)
1993 Skybox Premium Dynamic Dunks #D4 - PSA 10
1996 SPx Force Hologram (Die-Cut)#F5 - PSA 10
1996 Metal Net-Rageous #5 (Die-Cut) - PSA 10
1996 Metal Steel Slammin' #6 - PSA 10
1996 Skybox Z-Force Slam Cam #SC5 - PSA 10
1996 Skybox E-X2000 Net Assets #8 (Die-Cut) - PSA 10
1996 Flair Showcase Hot Shots #1 (Die-Cut) - PSA 10
1996 Skybox Z-Force Big Men on Court Z-Peat #4 (Die-Cut) - BGS 9.5
1996 Skybox E-X2000 A Cut Above #5 (Die-Cut) - BGS 9.5
1997 Hoops High Voltage #14 - PSA 10
1997 Hoops Hooperstars #H1 (Die-Cut) - PSA 10
1997 Fleer Thrill Seekers #7 - PSA 10
1997 Metal Universe Titanium #1 (Die-Cut, Acetate) - PSA 10
1997 Skybox Premium Golden Touch #1 (Die-Cut) - PSA 10
1997 Skybox Premium Thunder & Lightning #5 - PSA 10
1997 Skybox Z-Force Quick Strike #5 - PSA 10
1997 Ultra Stars #1 - BGS 9.5

That's fair and honest.
Damn bro, what do you do for a living?
congrats on the scoring kings, that's awesome!
Two new additions to my list/collection. The '97 Hoops High Voltage & '93 Skybox Premium Dynamic Dunks.

The Dynamic Dunks is special to me. It's one of those sets that I remember collecting as a kid - like the '93 Ultra Inside Outside & '93 Finest Refractors. It has a great design & eye appeal with an awesome shot of MJ in mid-air with his tongue out & the card celebrates what MJ was best known for - DUNKS. And the High Voltage is awesome too. I love holofoil cards.

A couple more I just got. '96 Metal Steel Slammin' & '96 SPx Force PSA 10's.
I think Fleer/Skybox definitely won the war of awesome inserts & parallels in the 90's but Topps & Upper Deck made some great cards too. SP & SPx came out with those die-cut inserts & pack-pulled autos in '95 & '96. Then there was the game-used jersey cards in '97-98. They changed the hobby with those.
But it was the '93 Finest Refractor set that first introduced me to refractors when I was about 11 years old so thank you, Topps. I was browsing around a card shop & I asked the guy who worked there why this '93 Topps card was more valuable than the one I owned. He of course said that it was a refractor & showed me the difference. My 11-year old mind was blown. I've always loved the unique colorful kaleidoscope design of this card.

So, what do you guys think the best inserts from the 90's were? And which card company do you think won the insert war?
What are your childhood favorites?
Super sweet collection! Congrats on getting some amazing cards!
And this one. 1997-98 Skybox Premium Player. Notice how most of these are Fleer/Skybox?