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Full Version: 2017 RFFG - Week 31 - STANDINGS
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Six races to go this season. This week's race is on Sunday 10/15 @ Talladega - 2pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 10/14 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current points standings and a note afterwards:

1. lead - 1223
2. dun - 1094 (-129)
3. wsc - 963 (-260)
4. spaz - 890 (-333)
5. a9a - 826 (-397)
6. kd80 - 809 (-414)
7. kev - 788 (-435)
8. csc - 770 (-453)
9. mini - 767 (-456)

As of right now, only the Top-4 are mathematically in the hunt for the title. With only a maximum of 360 points available to gain, that eliminates fifth through ninth. Everyone still has a shot at 2nd place though!


I'm going with Johnson.
Chase Elliott
This race will make or break a few guys, I'm unpredictable.

Does anybody think Dale Jr. has a top five left in him?

Equipment seems to even out on the super speedways, so it all comes down to picking good drafting partners and staying out of trouble. Heck, Ricky Stenhouse wins these races...LOL

I'm going to pick a Ford and go with Brad Keselowski.

i'm going to go with the 88 this weekend. if he is going to good anywhere it's gotta be here.
Dale Jr
I will take Matt Kenseth please
Kyle Busch....even though I would like to see Jr.
Ricky steinhouse jr
Changing my mind. Going with the sentimental favorite. Dale Jr. Thanks!
The super speedways have no place in the Chase...while I love that there were only 10 cars left, that was ridiculous...

At the same time, I love being right...LOL. Or lucky...

Nice for the 88 to be there at the 10 just for finishing. Ha.
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