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Full Version: 2017 Panini Absolute Racing CL
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2017 Panini Absolute Racing appears to still be set for a 10/04 release. Panini posted the CL for it on Wednesday 9/27.

I ordered 2 Hobby boxes months ago. At 5 cards/pack and 4 packs/box, I'll only get 40 cards. BUT, the layout will be 16 base cards; 8 parallels; 8 inserts; 8 AU and/or RU cards. I really like the CL layout of this set though! The base set is 100 cards with NO SP's or VAR's and only 4 parallels (minus the printing plates). The parallels are Spectrum Blue/Gold/Red/Silver. The insert list is also pretty small when you remove the AU and/or RU sets.
Considering price and quality, this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for from Panini Absolute! I will post a break-thread as soon as I can after opening the packs.
Anything that isn't PC will be up for trade! Harvick cards might not be available though b/c the guy I buy from is a big Harvick collector. He is busting a case though, so anything I pull of Harvick that he also pulls will be up FT.
LMK who you are looking for from this release and you'll get locked in for that driver's cards. I want my Beckett friends to have first shot at most of the cards I pull!!! As always, I prefer to trade instead of sell. You guys know who all I collect, but I'm also not against selling if the offer is fair.
Awesome! Good luck with the boxes. Can't wait to hear how it goes.