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Full Version: 2017 RFFG - Week 29 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 10/01 @ Dover - 2pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 9/30 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current standings:

1. lead - 1133
2. dun - 990 (-143)
3. wsc - 893 (-240)
4. spaz - 836 (-297)
5. csc - 744 (-389)
6T. kd80 - 735 (-398) -- Tiebreaker = 2W's to 1W
6T. mini - 735 (-398)
8. a9a - 726 (-407)
9. kev - 720 (-413)


I'm going with Johnson again.
Chase Elliott
This is a good track for Kasey about a win for the 5?

Ya, no way.

It was pretty obvious in New Hampshite that it is really the 78 and the 18 and everybody else. I really thought that the 20 would be really good there, but their good was no where near the top spot...

Put me down for Martin Truex.
I am going with Jimmie J
Jimmie Johnson
Denny Hamlin please
I am going Kyle Busch for now. Thanks!
i'm going on a limb this week. let's take kenseth this weekend.
I'm gonna pick Kyle Larson again
(09-30-2017, 10:06 PM)leadmetogreatness Wrote: [ -> ]I'm gonna pick Kyle Larson again
Your pick of Larson will count for this week, but you know the rules. Just like NASCAR's Pit-road speed limit: you get 5 extra, but not 6. Your pick will cost you a Free Pass. The real penalty is that it's your last one this season. You used the 1st one in Week #2. Your Free Passes are used up now, so don't miss another cut-off time.
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