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Full Version: Newest Additions (updated 03/27/18) JJC, JJ, JG, KyB
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Just got this in the mail Thursday 8/17/17. This is my 6th JJ 1/1, fifth JJ plate and 1st JJ 1/1 that isn't AU'd. Pretty happy with it, especially since I got it for less than $30. Thanks for looking!

2017 Panini Torque #82 Press Plate Black

[Image: 35833396863_2a195017c5_z.jpg]
[Image: 36246212150_9952e667b5_z.jpg]

I have a new card to post , as well...hopefully I have some time soon.
I got 2 sweet JJ cards in today. Here they are:

2017 Torque #20 Cyan Plate 1/1

[Image: 36282426983_cf163d0be8_z.jpg]
[Image: 36698983570_2187d203aa_z.jpg]

2017 Select #2 Black Prizms #1/3

[Image: 36953829501_3962b1a61b_z.jpg]
[Image: 36698978350_fe3550714e_z.jpg]

The Torque is my 6th total JJ printing plate and 2nd one without an AU. It is my 7th total JJ 1/1. The Select is my only card numbered to less than 5 that isn't a 1/1. Thanks for looking!
Upon request, here is a scan of my newest JJ card.

2017 Panini National Convention Memorabilia Rapture parallel #09/49

[Image: 37373645676_8ea8629c3a_z.jpg]

The scan doesn't show what makes this card so cool. It's actually coated with a rainbow foil in a diagonal pattern across the whole surface of the front. It makes the card look sparkly. You can see the pattern in the blue part on the left side of the card, but not that it's rainbow foil.
I like that a lot. Great pickups! Does it say anything on the back of the card that it is a National Convention?
(10-01-2017, 09:40 AM)wilsonsportscards Wrote: [ -> ]I like that a lot. Great pickups! Does it say anything on the back of the card that it is a National Convention?
Yes. Just like all other Panini cards. Above the copyright, it says 2017 PANINI - THE NATIONAL. What's funny is that the back calls it "player-worn material". It's worded that way b/c the National cards are a multi-sport release. NASCAR are the only cards that have drivers instead of players.
I got a handful of JJ cards in on Wednesday. Since I haven't updated this thread in a while, I figured that I'd post them. All cards are 2018 Donruss.

Gold Parallels SN499 (#51 JJ variation, #82, #141)

[Image: 25696897117_4b3f1a53dc_z.jpg]

Green Parallel SN199 #141 & Press Proof Holofoil SN49 #24

[Image: 26696007328_b1a0ef295b_z.jpg]

Red Parallels SN299 (#24, #141, #141 JJ variation)

[Image: 25696892457_fbbb27f6fd_z.jpg]

Now for the goodies (all RU'd Sheet Metal),

Racing Relics, Retro Relics, Retro Relics HoloGold SN99

[Image: 39672614345_b1373a839b_z.jpg]

Thanks for looking! Oh, and one card was missing from the package. It was a Rubber Relics card. Hoping it comes in soon.
Great cards. I like the look of the Race Kings.
Thanks. I like the Race Kings subset as well. I also like the Retro 1985 subset and RU sets.
Hey Adam,

I was at a card show yesterday and picked up some JJ cards. When I was at the show I looked on my phone and it looked like they were cards you needed. Let me know.

[Image: IMG_2392_zpsvy24gawo.jpg~original]

[Image: IMG_2393_zpslq7g214k.jpg~original]

I believe this is this card in Beckett. 2017 Panini National Convention Memorabilia #JJ Jimmie Johnson RAC

[Image: IMG_2394_zpsio27nkvx.jpg~original]

[Image: IMG_2395_zpsyvi9zf4l.jpg~original]

This is 2003 VIP Mile Masters #MM5 Jimmie Johnson in Beckett.

[Image: IMG_2396_zpsq5pczkac.jpg~original]

[Image: IMG_2397_zpsrzv7poch.jpg~original]

This is this guy in Beckett. 2003 Press Pass Showman #S6A Jimmie Johnson

Maybe just verify that you do need them and we can work something out.


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