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Full Version: Ken Sugimori & Mitsuhiro Arita PSA/DNA & BGS/BAS Pokemon Autographed Cards
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These cards speak for themselves. Authentic Sugimori's are so incredibly rare, Arita's Charizard is the mecca of all cards. The STAFF is killer. I have some others if you want to see those message me.

All cards obo, I'm never offended. I am willing to trade for Pokemon/Star Wars/Sports Cards singles, booster boxes, graded. Would ideally like to sell or some combo of both.

Charizard sketch base set $1300
Charizard sketch base 2 $1200
Charizard STAFF Promo Prerelease $4500
Charizard Secret Rare dragon frnt $425
Mew sketch $750
Venusaur sketch $475
Squirtle shadowless sketch $400
Dark Flareon sketch $400
Moltres sketch $350
Cubone 1st edition sketch $350
Meowth sketch $400
Charmeleon sketch $325
Jolteon sketch $350
Espeon sketch $500
Umbreon Art sketch $900 (incredible card)
Misty's Gyarados Japanese Sugimori $2500
Dark Persian Promo Sugimori $1500

[Image: 20728246_10111676626967771_1208523539410...e=5A2C7A48]

[Image: 20840986_10111676627287131_7414688682028...e=5A37BC60]

[Image: 20840988_10111676627521661_2600590583831...e=5A20A556]

[Image: 20728332_10111676627661381_4375700416005...e=59F1A0BD]

[Image: 20799852_10111676627900901_4387479113601...e=5A1F8237]

[Image: 20770433_10111676628175351_4393871685652...e=5A389FB4]

[Image: 20799887_10111676628389921_7841022573416...e=5A2CCCF5]

[Image: 20799202_10111676628619461_5112093611710...e=59EEA6BC]

[Image: 20840928_10111676628809081_4101086581026...e=59F41167]

[Image: 20799465_10111676629078541_7457702471366...e=5A22B1B6]

[Image: 20729426_10111676629377941_4978935534708...e=59EC0AE5]

[Image: 20770009_10111676629682331_8912876539910...e=5A2686D7]

[Image: 20729663_10111676629971751_3948636173128...e=5A2B03B9]

[Image: 20800169_10111676630336021_8920819058733...e=59EC4DA0]

[Image: 20882007_10111676630520651_1407849912925...e=5A31AD4E]

[Image: 20728090_10111676630635421_5259160141354...e=59ED7CD6]

[Image: 20799405_10111676630800091_3915239064504...e=5A2FF5E7]