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Full Version: Tim Duncan Topps Chrome Rookie Auto Question
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I currently live in San Antonio and am going to have the opportunity to get Tim Duncan to sign for me. I currently have three of his Topps Chrome Rookie Cards. These are the three I have: PSA 10 #115 Regular Rookie, BGS 8.5 #115 Rookie Refractor, and a BGS 9.5 #115 Rookie Refractor. The third one is by far the most valuable. So my question is which one would be the best option to get autographed? Not really sure how to approach this. Is it worth breaking the case of the BGS 9.5 refractor to get an auto? Could this hurt the grade? Also which company do you recommend to send it off to in order to have the auto graded? Also should I have the card graded again along with the Auto? Or just the auto? Sorry for so many questions I just got back into collecting cards and do not know a lot about getting in person autos graded/authenticated. Thanks!