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Full Version: 2017 RFFG - Week 19
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We are finally back to the regular day for the Cup races and will stay there for over a month. This week's race is on Sunday 7/16 @ New Hampshire - 3pm on NBCSN. The cutoff time to make or change your pick is Saturday 7/15 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current points standings:

1. lead - 714
2. dun - 630 (-84)
3. spaz - 545 (-169)
4. kev - 497 (-217)
5. mini - 486 (-228)
6. wcs - 466 (-248)
7. a9a - 438 (-276)
8. kd80 - 428 (-286)
9. csc - 350 (-364)


I'm going to pick JJ for now, but it's really likely to change on Friday or Saturday. Chevy hasn't won a single race at New Hampshire for quite a while now, including NXS and CWTS races.
Chase Elliott
Matt Kenseth
Joey Logano....this is his track.
Logano for me
I AM going to stick with JJ for this race. Larson and Truex look great, BUT Jimmie qualifies in 3rd right behind them - watch out! Jimmie has a really good car and HMS looks good as a team this weekend. Dale was the only one outside of the Top-12 in Q and he's still in the Top-18.
This should be a fun race to watch! It looks really slick, even with the sticky stuff on the track. That was the weirdest qualifying session I've seen since they went to multi-car qualifying.
I will take Logano please
Martin truex Jr.

Alright, I am changing my pick. Kyle Busch
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