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Full Version: 2016-17 SP Authentic Marks of Distinction
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Why is it taking so long to price these cards? only a couple have been priced. Surely there must a range of pricing on the ones that are not priced. Either Beckett price the whole set or not price any at all until they have all the info. Pricing is very inconsistent on this site.
Beckett just uses a formula by player and print number with a premium on RCs and the like. Look at last year's sets, or even others from this year. You should be able to get close looking at a box of cards and checking the odds. Try it if you have any boxes from sets already priced. I keep boxes that feature favorite players just to display. I've done this. There's nothing magical about Beckett's pricing. It's not like they're analyzing markets or something for 99.9% of the cards they list. Most people just use the site for a catalog and for trading, I imagine.