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Full Version: 2017 Finals - What is Happening?!
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Have the last 2 Finals games seemed a little bit odd to anyone else (games 3 & 4)?

I've never given any merit to games being fixed but I think something is going on. I first noticed it in game 3. There were a lot of one-sided calls against the Warriors but they managed to crank out a win in Cleveland. After that I think they turned it up a bit in game 4. Again, a lot more one-sided calls and then the whole Draymond Green debacle. I think they worked to keep Draymond in the game to keep it more entertaining. And did anyone see Kyrie mishandle the ball and it went over the half-court line and he wasn't called for a half-court violation?! That was weird. Even Jeff Van Gundy mentioned something during the game.

My favorite comedian (Bill Burr) totally called this. He said since the NBA makes a lot more money with a Finals' series going 5, 6, and 7 games, that they would start calling the Warriors for everything and the Cavs would win game 3. He was obviously wrong about the Cavs winning game 3, but you see where I'm going. People are not as into a Finals where one team is dominated and there's a sweep. I've got to say if I'm right then this makes me not want to watch NBA games anymore.
Sorry but i do not know nothing about that

Lots of conspiracy theories over the years ... wait until Zion goes to the Knicks or Lakers!