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Full Version: Kevin Durant - New best player in NBA
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After game 3 last night Paul Pierce was asked about his earlier comments about how right now KD is the best player in basketball.

"I mean what we're witnessing right here is the changing of the guard.... I mean Kevin Durant, he scores 14 points in the fourth quarter when it matters most, on one of the biggest stages... on the road against Lebron James, I mean, what more can you ask for, from in my eyes, is the new best player in the NBA."

Wow, I was surprised. Especially since the others seemed to agree with him. I have to say I'm on board as well. I've never been a Lebron fan, in fact I can't stand him, but I still couldn't believe they said it.

I'm a Michael Jordan fan and I will be until the day I die and I like the sound of KD as the new best player in basketball. Lebron had a great game last night, until the fourth quarter where he fizzled out and failed to bring the big game home, which is something he has been notorious for. He even had help from Kyrie, who also had a great game, but it still wasn't enough.

What do you guys think?