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Full Version: Warriors vs. Cavs 2017 Finals
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So what do you guys think of the Finals so far? Golden State is up 2-0 and there are no signs of the Cavs digging themselves out of this hole even though the Cavs went down 2-0 last year and came back to win. This year seems different though. Game 3 is tonight in Cleveland and it's a chance for the Cavs to try to turn things around.

The Cavs fixed a lot of the mistakes that they made in game 1 but it still wasn't enough in game 2. That has to be something that could kill the Cavs' confidence that they can win the series.

What do you think the big difference between this year and last year is? The obvious difference is KD. He presents a dangerous offensive and defensive threat. But, another big difference this year is the Warriors actually had some time to rest - something that makes a big difference to a team that shoots a lot of 3's. Last year the Warriors went on a record-setting 73-win season and then straight to the playoffs to play Portland and OKC and then 2 or 3 days rest before playing a Cavs team that had already been resting for about 10 days. I noticed the Warriors looked ok in the beginning of the series but didn't look themselves in the second half of the series. I think the long season and the playoffs and then having to play 7 games with the Cavs took a toll on them.

Well, Cleveland was in this same situation last year and it ended well in their favor. I don't see that happening this time. What do you guys think?