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Full Version: 2016-17 Compendium
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Are there RCs in this set?


Series 3 was just recently released and it does contain rookies.

(06-07-2017, 12:32 PM)shierydana Wrote: [ -> ]Are there RCs in this set?


Thanks. So just Series 3 has them? Hopefully, they will be listed in the database soon.
Actually, there is RC's in all 3 series.

S1 main rookies : Nylander, Mantha and Kapanen
S2 main rookies : Laine, Vesey and Strome
S3 main rookies : Marner, Matthews, Guentzel, Puljujarvi, Aho, Tkachuk, Werenski, Provorov, Sergachev, Barzal and Chabot.

900 cards set!!!
121 RC's.

I'm not sure that they will be listed as RC's because the regular version is digital only cards and the Blue, Red and Gold versions are parallel physical cards.

Ah, maybe that's why they're not listed in the database. Thanks for the help.