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Full Version: I'm still alive!!!!
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Hey everyone, just a quick heads up, I'm still alive and well, and will be popping on for a month to sort out any trade offers. Sorry for the lack of response thus far, I can't access anything until I fork over the $$$. Didn't renew because the price went up, yet again, but I would like to get some stuff going and add my newest tradersanyway, if you want to make a deal, I'll be up and running this morning.

Good to see you around again, Chris! If there is anything that I can do to give you a hand, just let me know. Best wishes, and trade offer sent!

Thanks Randi! I'll definitely go and have a look. I'm breaking up my UD sets and throwing the big YG's on the eVil auction site, so if anyone is looking for McDavid, Eichel, Laine, etc., check them out there. Otherwise, I'm hunting for big trade bait, Bruins as always, and a few other goodies. Would love to add some other Boston sports legends to my autograph & memorabilia collection as well.
A few in mind would be Bird, McHale, Ainge, Parrish, Brady, Gronk, Bruschi, Boggs, Ortiz, Pedro, Manny, etc..
Good to see you again. Open offer sent