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Full Version: Final Vault pricing
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Would anyone happen to know the pricing for Final Vault cards? I know they are rebooted ITG issues with the Final Vault logo stamped on them but does anyone know how they are being handled for pricing?
If they are the ones that are stamped 1/1, then I think that they just book for what the original BV is. Not a system of cards that I like at all.

The rule of thumb I've seen is half BV as most player and set collectors won't touch these.
Its odd, because I believe they are about the same BV, maybe lower like Hockeynick says. However, sellers out there think that they have true 1/1 cards and jack up the price.

I will collect the Brett Hull Vault Cards 1/1, if they are in a trade and I might pick one up for a decent price if I am buying.