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Full Version: Brian. BRIAN!!!
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Good day, Beckett Community!

I know. Long time, no reports on my recents. I am getting bad at this! Haha! Well... here are the most recent pick-ups that I have been able to garner, and some of them are HUGE! Especially the one that enticed the post's title. Wink

[Image: CCI_57_zpsiymd9ywy.jpg][Image: CCI_54_zpso3sxg1gf.jpg][Image: CCI_52_zpswilza0sy.jpg][Image: CCI_53_zpsbypvyeb3.jpg][Image: CCI_55_zpsgq0m4bjt.jpg]

Now that is some NICE stuff! but... what would Brian Guzowski want with those?

Nothing. Nothing at all...

Especially after seeing this!

[Image: CCI_51_zpszxxoqvtr.jpg]

Yeah... I picked this up with you in mind, Brian! As always, I am trading, but will be very picky as my wants seem to have become impossible to find anywhere not called eBay. Everything is in my Org. save for the Marchand. It is not in the database. Yet. Best wishes, Beckett Community!

nice stuff you got there
Great looking cards Randi, love the Brodeur and the hull is a beauty.
Dang, that's some good stuff.
Thanks for the comments, folks! Wondering where Brian is? He's missing the show. Haha!

Great Looking cards.
Ah come on guys, the best card by far is the JT(very biased). lol, that Hull and Brodeur are sweet Randi.
Awesome cards Randi. Wish I was able to trade for it. Letting my OPG expire tomorrow.
I'm a sucker for stick cards, and that Francis is a beauty!! Nice pickups!!
That Francis is awesome!

I wish they'd bring back the Whalers as an expansion team or something ... iconic name, iconic logo, uniforms, etc.
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