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Full Version: 2017 RFFG - Week 4 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 3/19 @ Phoenix - 3:30pm EDT on FOX. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 3/18 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current standings.

1. lead - 127
2. kev - 116
3. dun - 111
4. a9a - 55
5T. mini - 44 (tiebreaker most pts. for a race @43)
5T. spaz - 44
7. kd80 - 29


I have no idea who I am going to pick this week. I want to say Harvick, but not with the way all 3 races have gone for him this year. I'll have to wait until I see some practices and/or qualifying on Friday.
I am going with the red corner - Joey "the target" Logano..................
(03-14-2017, 06:17 AM)kevinr Wrote: [ -> ]I am going with the red corner - Joey "the target" Logano..................
Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Kasey Kahne
Kevin Harvick
Ryan Newman Please
Lets have a vote is Kyle going to get his revenge this race or wait until it will effect Logano in the chase more? Or will he decide not to get revenge at all? Let me hear some opinions.
I'm sort of going against my better judgement, but...until someone shows they are going to really be better than him, Kevin Harvick, please.

As for Rowdy and Logano...I don't think there will be anything, but don't expect Logano to get much in the way of breaks...I don't think even Keselowski is going to help the 22 out very much, certainly the 18 won't, and the 20 still pretty much hates him...that's a lot of No Love Lost to deal with...
I don't think Kyle will do anything. UNLESS he sees the perfect opportunity where it won't look intentional. I'm sure he's seen the footage now and it calmed him some. But he still doesn't like Joey anyway and never did, even when they were teammates. I'm pretty sure that's why Joey left JGR, no one on the team liked him much. JGR didn't become a tight-knit team until Matt replaced Joey.
I'm going to roll the dice and pick Jimmie to win (or at least get a bunch of points). He rarely has qualified well since NASCAR stopped the single car runs, so a starting spot of 14th is pretty good. With so many young drivers in the Top-12, Jimmie shouldn't have too much trouble getting into the Top-10 before Stage 1 ends. Barring pit road mistakes that plagued him the last 2 races (or some random bad luck on Sunday), he should stay in the Top-10. I was surprised by Harvick's starting spot of 23rd, but he'll still be a player by the end of the race.
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