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Full Version: My 17,000 mile round trip to see the Penguins (slightly OT!)
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Hello all,

regular readers and trading partners might know that I have been a follower of the Penguins for many years.

I have just returned from a long distance business trip that let me spend a little time among them........

[Image: _DSC0026_zpsaxqv2g2b.jpg][Image: _DSC0027_zpsjjucakmn.jpg][Image: _DSC0047_zps10zcea9e.jpg][Image: _DSC0052_zpsx82pq6pc.jpg][Image: _DSC0051_zpskbwiquaz.jpg][Image: _DSC0023_zpswfanvvbp.jpg][Image: _DSC0022_zpsmh5tnye8.jpg]

Now I'm back, I will catch up on some recent trade offers (thanks for waiting, Greg, Steve & Brian).

thanks for looking!

Awesome pics.
From one Penguins fan to another, AWESOME!!!! Looks like a blast. Thanks for sharing.
Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
That is incredible, Mark!!! I would love to travel to see more nature than North America has to offer. My son and I might be heading there early in the summer, so I will keep you posted. Thanks for sharing!

That last pic of Kessel walking with his arms out is awesome! (JK)

Very nice!
Those Penguins seem to be doing a lot better than the ones who played last night.
See you at Lord Stanley's Party in May. Nice Pics. Once in a lifetime trip?