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Full Version: Young Guns Base or Canvas?
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Hello fellow collectors, Just wanted to get a consensus from the hockey community on which is more desirable for grading and investment purposes. I have never sold a card yet, but if I ever do I would like to know which is better to purchase today, The base young guns rc or the canvas variation? I notice in some cases one out sells the other and wanted to see what everybody thinks. I'm thinking of getting a Laine, not sure which to get. Thank you for reading and your opinions

The Canvas is not a true YG.
Thanks mq, I was confused. I figured that there would be less of the canvas guns than the base guns and make them more desirable in the long run. But it looks like I would be better served going with the true RC.

Thanks Again
Get one of each, if you can!
Thanks Shierydana, That is what I have been doing for the past 3 years or so. I just wanted to make sure i wasn't wasting money if one was going to be worth substantially less than the other in the future. Like I said, I have never sold a card but I would like to be in the best position if a situation ever arises where i need to move some.


The Canvas are ht when they come out. They book high but never go higher. A True YG can book average but if the player becomes a star his RC will go up. Example is I have a Patrick Kane RC that jumped up since it came out. Not all will increase an most will be found in the $1.00 bin years later.
Thanks mq, I hear that for sure, I went heavy on Teuvo and Maatta a few years ago and traded them for pennies on the dollar at a show. I'm hoping Draisaitl and Mantha pan out, Have gotten a few good low dollar deals on them.