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Full Version: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - STANDINGS
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I agree that he didn't wreck Kyle on purpose, but he did try to pin Kyle behind BK. Kyle is as much to blame for the wreck as Joey is b/c Busch forced Joey too low for the speed they were going when Kyle squeezed b/t BK and Logano. Either way, I got screwed again late in the race with my pick.
Here is where our drivers finished (and points gained), followed by the new standings.

1st - Truex Jr. (MAX PTS. - 60)
4th - Logano (39)
7th - Blaney (43)
12th - Kahne (25)
22nd - Kyle Busch (18)
38th - Harvick (1)

1. lead - 127
2. kev - 116
3. dun - 111
4. a9a - 55
5T. mini - 44 (tiebreaker most pts. for a race @43)
5T. spaz - 44
7. kd80 - 29
(03-13-2017, 09:24 PM)dunnere Wrote: [ -> ]I agree with Kevin...I get why Busch was upset, but Logano didn't really do much wrong there, if you ask me. That said, Logano is definitely not making any friends out there, right, wrong, or otherwise...
You posted this while I was typing mine up. Smile I agree with you too. Joey has pissed off way too many people over the years and he never owns up to his mistakes. He really needs to learn from his teammate. Brad has gotten much better at taking blame the last couple of years after realizing how pissing off everyone on the track is bad for your career.
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