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Full Version: 1957 Set - Complete!!!
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I did it! This week I received the final 60 cards I needed to complete this set. This is now my oldest complete set beating out my 1958 set by one year. I've had the Mantle, Aaron, Williams and many other big cards for a couple decades but was still missing some big ones. This set is beautiful and one of my all-time favorites. Here are some highlights from this week's acquisition.

My card collecting goals for 2017 was to complete this set and to acquire at least three more HOF autographs. When Bagwell and IRod were elected to the HOF, I moved my autos of those two over to my HOF Auto collection. Now I just need to add one more.
congrats....beautiful set
Wow, congrats on finishing that up! What a great feeling to finally finish a set.

That's sensational good job!
Nice job, I always liked the look of the 57 set. Congratulations!
Congrats man!!! Its a very nice set!!! Which is next??
(03-14-2017, 06:14 PM)alfredoleal2001 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats man!!! Its a very nice set!!! Which is next??
I'm not sure. I'm whittling away on my remaining 60s sets. I'd like to complete my 1967 set. That is my "youngest" set yet unfinished. I need a couple dozen high number cards. I have some on the way including the Jim Palmer. I'll have to reassess after those arrive and see how many are left. They're tough to find.
Congratulations! Wow. Some of those can be pricey. I hope you got a deal nailing 14% of the set in one shot. Nice work.
Congrats! Nice job, working on my 57 team set right now just a few shy. Can't imagine doing the entire set though.
Nice work. That is a beautiful set and one of my all time favs too. No jealousy here. Smile
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