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Full Version: Want older inserts, singles, and promos
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Posting a few wants. Full lists have and wants at nonsportcards. byethost7. com mostly 90s early 00s. Email is best way to contact me.

Looking for these insert chase cards. Would consider trading in your favor on these. Would also consider purchase at fair market prices

Street Sharks sharkglow: Bends
Mortal Kombat Classic CE9
Mortal Kombat II BAB2
Portfolio 1993 bonus 108
Kong blister bonus B1
Simpsons film cards II (2003) R1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and UR2
X2 Xmen United clear C3, 4 and foils [all but #3, 10]

Few singles:
Buffy evolution 31 regular
Buffy V #5
jeffrey jones II #90
Jusko Colossal Cards II 63, 68, 81, 96
Spiderman Eternal evil premium 85, 87
Lethal Strike holochrome/refractor cards (not stickers) 4, 29

Babylon 5 CCG: Spoo and For the Future
Inuyasha CCG Keshin: PC1 autograph
Star Quest Regency War: 6, 12, 23, 26, 30, 66, 191, 221, 257, 260, 288

added few more wants
Updated, found sonja and gen 13 cards
added simpsons and x-men wants
updated, found couple xmen.
update, found few MK cards
updated, got some street sharks, still need one
updated haves/wants