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Full Version: New Playoff Points format
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Well, to say I'm surprised by NASCAR is a bit of an understatement, but good gracious, bonus points, segment points, playoff, I like it!
I'm already confused! I wish they would stop drastically changing things every couple of years. I'm definitely going to have to rely on their website for running the fantasy game this year.
I like this new change.
I guess I should add more than I did previously. I'm not against the change. Just that it complicates things so much. I do like that it forces drivers to race EVERY race like it means something. No more hanging out at the back for most of the race at Daytona/Talladega or parking the car after a blown tire b/c you already have a win and are locked into the "Chase". This will definitely make the drivers want to finish every race, no matter how well they've done in previous races. I can't wait to see how this season plays out with the changes.
I am going to put this out there, "Can you say Ole 8 Time"

I like the new format. As everybody else is saying, it is going to make every driver want to finish the race and race like it is the last race of the year. I can see a few more wrecks each race this year.