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Full Version: Panini redemption. Let's try something new
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Have a contenders variation auto of leveon bell I've been waiting on for three years. Each time they say they're waiting on him to fulfill his contract. He has signed everything for that year and the following year. Thought I'd ask him directly what he thought about them saying he hasn't lived up to the contract when he did. Tweeted him a screenshot of their response saying he hasn't fulfilled his contract.
That's the same thing they told me about my 2013/14 beckham jr auto word for word.
Cut and paste blow-off it looks like
(01-07-2017, 01:55 PM)GnC_Fricker Wrote: [ -> ]Cut and paste blow-off it looks like
I would but I deleted it never thought too do what you did. I will try to get them to send me the message again this is why I hate redemptions they should do away with them just my opinion.

I totally agree they should dump redemptions. I had a khalil mack contenders rookie auto he never signed.
Totally forgot this till I just looked... Guess I have a Jordan Reed Contenders rookie auto still out there too!

Edit: I really like your idea about tweeting the player. Maybe he can finish up your card during the offseason. Good luck and I hope to hear some good news.
it took Julio jones since 2011 to sign his contenders cards while he had other autos out.. I guess patience is in your future or just don't do redemptions ha
Panini just can't keep up with all the players they have outstanding redemptions for, that's why they went to the points cards. I still have a basketball card in my account from 2009-10 that the player has signed for other products since then.

I also have redemptions still listed on my account from both football and hockey (which they no longer even make) of players who no longer even play!!