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Full Version: Panini Digital football cards
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Is there any value or will there be any value in the digital football cards on Panini's digital app? I see people are selling these cards on ebay but will there become a price guide for them?
I doubt it...they've been around for a couple years and are absolutely worthless in my mind.
There will always be value so long as people are willing to buy them. I know for a lot of older collectors, digital only cards seem strange and it's hard to understand how they could have value. However I find that there are a lot of younger generations that have grown up with mostly digital content (digital music instead of CDs, cassettes, LPs, etc,; digital movies instead of DVDs, VHS, etc.; etc...). So it doesn't surprise me that this same generation of people who are willing to pay for digital content are valuing digital trading cards as well.
When you think about it, it makes some sense in that they can take their entire collection with them to show it off or trade with others at any time and place. The card companies have to love it, as the cost for development is significantly less than the cost to produce and distribute physical cards.
Personally, I haven't spent any money on digital cards, but I have registered and gotten quite a few free ones from different companies.