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Full Version: do standard toploaders have some degree of warp/bend to them or am i getting bad ones
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i bought a bunch of ultra pro standard top loaders from an ebay seller....
i noticed on the last case (unfortunately after i put a bunch of pc cards in them) that the toploaders had like a slight curve to them....some were worse than others...if you took a stack of them and took half and flipped them over and put them back against the other half you could see a very distinct oval shaped space between them

i thought maybe it was a bad batch so i ordered another case from a different seller and noticed the same thing!

i even contacted ultra pro and they shipped me a new case for free and im noticing it to some degree on those (not as bad as the 1st case) but still a definite curve ....

ive actually developed a paranoia now when opening a pack of toploaders i inspect them for a while and seems like over half of the packs i open are warped

i also have found a few bcw standard toploader packs with the same issue but these ones i have had sealed in possession for a few years (they are colored ones so i only use them when i get certain players)

any help or knowledge on this matter would be greatly appreciated...are these possibly old toploaders im getting? or do they do this over time possibly in changing climates (cold to hot)...or maybe they all have some degree of curve to them (which doesnt make sense to me cuz i would think that would end up warping the card)

...i recently went through 3 cases of toploaders and only used maybe 2/3 of a case as usable toplaoders....was going to at least switch to a different brand like bcw to see if its any better

thanks team!
Sometimes that happens. With the thousands I've gone through, I have seen this from time to time. It does not seem to damage the cards though, and when put in boxes they often straighten themselves out over time. If you're worried about them and won't use them, Adonis, I could take them off your hands.