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Full Version: Christmas Box
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So I am wondering what would be a fun break as a Christmas gift around $50. I see I can get a good deal on 2013-2015. Are there any 2016 hobby boxes around this price or what would you guys recommend for a good break? Prizm, Rookies & Stars etc....
I enjoy breaking prizm and topps fire. Contenders can be fun too. I think 2013 Contenders are going for around $50-55 range. I think the same with Prizm and fire.
lT depends on what u enjoy. Prizm is good for color. Well after 13. I like totally certified, well pretty much anything can make sets out of but 14 rookies and stars was good I like totally certified and certified 13 and 14 were my favorites. 15 prestige is fun too heck even 15 score has been good e
I personally loved those variety retail boxes back in the day... provided they hadn't been searched/cracked/returned already, I always landed about as many hits as a regular box at a fraction of the cost, along with the variety/fun of a random set of packs.