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Full Version: Griffey Jr - Basic Card Registry only has 37 cards?
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I am working to setup a registry. I see there are 2 options, basic and master. Am I seeing this correct that the basic registry only has 37 cards? The cards that are in there for say 1989 are all non standard cards (Mother's Cookies, Pacific Candy bar, etc.). I was expecting the basic registry to have the standard issues, donruss, topps, score, etc.

So do I have to create a master registry to show the standard card issues? I see they are in the master registry.
You and zubaltec asking the same type of question-- answer is that the current system set up for BASIC registry is WRONG and uses the WRONG filters.

I gave them the solution 2 years ago-- not a single clue as to why they will not implement my solution.

For now I just use master until they fix the registry. Its all I can do as no one working for Beckett cares to solve the issue or implement the fix ( and I'm the beta test lead so you can imagine how this feels to me)

Thanks for the reply Jeff. This registry is something they need to get right. Look what it does for PSA. Thanks for your efforts, too bad they don't take into account your feedback.Confused
THATS IT!! Im starting my own grading service!! Whos coming with me??!! Ill make it everything thats great about Beckett and PSA combined into one!! Ill call it BPGSSA!