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Full Version: Tons & Tons & Tons of Basketball Cards Loaded to Org. Looking to Make Trades
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I have loaded tons of cards in the past few months into my org. Please take a look and if you see something of interest and send me an open offer.

I am looking for any players Baseball (On-Card Rookie Autographs.) Mets On-Card Autographs, 1970's & 1980's Brewers On-Card Autograph & 1970's 1980's Padres On-Card Autographs, Mark McGwire On-Card Autographs, Bo Jackson On-Card Autographs, Jose Canseco On-Card Autographs, Steve Garvey On-Card Autographs & Torii Hunter On-Card Autographs. Any Dallas Cowboys & San Diego Chargers (On Card Autographs or Patch Cards). Any Hall of Fame Baseball or Football (On Card or Cut Autographs). I'm also looking for Baseball RC's of Star Players from 1933 to Current. Also looking for Chargers & Cowboys NRMT-MT or Better RC's from the 1960's to Early 1990's to add to my hoarding problem)

Thank you for taking the time to check out my org.
sent a massive open offer...i can trim if need be