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Full Version: 3 boxes of 2016 Origins
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Buy 2 get one half price at my local place not bad breaks
[Image: IMG_1669_zpszucyqumf.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1670_zpsxznurrlr.jpg]

Booker auto rc
Hunter Henry rc Jumbo patch auto
Tyler Boyd rc patch 87/125
Corey Coleman rc patch 08/10
Jordan Howard rc auto patch
Devontae booker rc auto patch
Phillip Dorsett glove 1/10
Kevin hogan rc auto
Keenan Reynolds rc auto
Rob gronkowski gold 06/10
Philip Rivers teal 10/60
Nice break! I like this product, but it seems like there is a Keenan Reynolds auto or patch in every box. I've opened about a dozen boxes from different shops over a month. Wouldn't be a problem except Reynolds didn't make the team and I don't think he's even in football. It feels more like Panini was just dumping his autos in this product.

I get a lot of Tyler Ervin as well.
Even though I haven't bought any Origins, I do like this product.

Panini as a whole has terrible collation issues. I have bought into a lot of case breaks of Impeccable this week and seen similar problems even a high end product that only has 25 cards per case!

My only criticism on Origins is the double zero player number. If they are going to put 00, might as well put a regular number.
I've opened 5 boxes of playbook and 6 of Origins I've got this Reynolds and a booklet patch Auto from play book. I think he's on the practice squad but you're right why make these cards of a guy who more than likely won't make the team. Moritz is another one