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Full Version: Help Identifing '07 Las Vegas All-Star Wade & Morrison
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Looking for some help identifying or finding these 2007 Topps Las Vegas All Star cards in Org... Thanks in advance
DW Dwyane Wade
AM Adam Morrison

[Image: swI4B2l.jpg]

[Image: dB8RBUn.jpg]

[Image: CV1QRUK.jpg]

[Image: VQJmlhq.jpg]
Are these cards to common to deserve a response or are they unknowns, haha?
You have to understand .... even though beckett "claims" to be the ultimate guide to every thing collectable, they all too often miss stuff. You could try looking under "2007 Topps All-Star", but there's a good chance beckett doesn't have any info on these cards. I have a number of pc cards that are legit non-broders that aren't listed in beckett's data base.