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Full Version: Newest Addition to the PC Lineup
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Anyone having Travis Konecny cards, please check and see if there is anything I have that you can use. I dont believe his cards are super high end, but since this is the collection's inception, i will look at everything.

Also, as a side note. Anyone having trades with me right now, please be patient. The change in weather is playing hell with my fake hips and my neuromuscular disease. I am perfectly fine with you not sending until i do.... if you check my feedback, both on here and ebay, you can see that i keep my word. If that is too much and you need your cards extra fast, i apologize, but for right now there may or may not be a delay, based on the barometer, humidity, and how my legs feel like working that day!! Sorry in advance for all problems. thanks for checking out my thread and have a great night!!!! --Joe
I've had a physical ailment slow me up, too, lately. I hope you're back on top soon, Joe!

Thanks Jonathan. I try not to use my medical issues as an excuse. I mean,I'm 43 ,so I should be fine. Unfortunately ,I am permanently disabled, which sometimes includes me not getting out of bed for days at a time. My wife has enough to do,taking care of me and the kids,so I could never ask her to help me with trades. If I knew when I was going to feel like *****,I wouldn't start a trade. Lately, I seem to be down more often. I give a lot of credit to the members that are compassionate and understanding of my situation. You can see my feedback here and on ebay is stellar. I'm a fair trader and, when healthy, a quick shipper. Enough rambling. I just wanted those that read this to have a bit of an idea of what I'm going thru and hope that they remain patient. I don't want to lose any traders over this and I hope people won't second guess trading with me!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend all and take care !!!--Joe