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Full Version: Help with a Shaq Card
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I can't find this card on the OPG, ebay, or google. Thanks for any help.

It's a brouder card i.e. An unlicensed card.
Agreed, it is an unlicensed card (also known as a broder-style card). These were extremely popular in the mid 90s as dealers, card shops, show promoters, and a lot of other people made their own cards and typically sold them for $1-$5 each (though some were done as giveaways). Since the cards are unlicensed they will never be cataloged by Beckett.
Thank you both for the info. Much appreciated.
I've got a few good looking cards in my PC that fall in this category. Beckett doesn't value them, but I do. Sometimes they can be tough to find with no point of reference; plus, no one printed several thousands of them.
(10-08-2016, 08:37 AM)jonathani Wrote: [ -> ]plus, no one printed several thousands of them.
It might surprise you to find out that a lot of the broder-style cards of the 90s were actually printed off by the thousand. That being said, the reason Beckett doesn't value them is that they are unlicensed and most of them aren't even copyrighted. Thus if all of a sudden one of them had any value besides a few dollars, someone could simply print off more.