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Full Version: Anybody receive 4 Patrick Roy Cards by mistake?
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I am hoping since that this site is entirely based on the honor system, has anybody received 4 Patrick Roy cards by mistake??

I completed a trade back on August 6th, and the person has yet to receive his cards. It is a cross border trade and it can take awhile. I don't believe I packaged them with another trade and mailed them to the wrong person, but its an option that I going to try.

The 4 Patrick Roy cards that are missing are;

1986-87 Topps #53 Patrick Roy RC
1990-91 OPC Premier #101 Patrick Roy
1998-99 Upper Deck Gold Reserve #208 Patrick Roy Checklist
2000-01 Topps Stars Game Gear #GGPR Patrick Roy Jersey

If you have received these cards by mistake, PLEASE PM me.
Damn I hope you can track these down and if they were shipped to the wrong person why couldn't it have been me!?!

Seriously though I do hope this works out for you.
I don't think I sent them to the wrong person, but just checking every possible option
Hey Bguz: Shipping from the Canada to USA , and vice versa has been very slow lately. I've actually been receiving cards from overseas in shorter times. Hoping that's the case with your parcel , as I'd hate to see nice quality cards like that go missing .... good luck , crossing fingers that it works out for you both Smile