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Full Version: Panini Kobe Bryant auto shoes FS "Black Mamba" inscription
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Got these for being a SUPER VIP thru Panini......looking to sell for $1300, only pair that I could find that sold like this sold for $2500 and they had a different inscription. There are more listed with this inscription for way more. Thanks

[Image: A0EB6EF8-F4F8-4432-B83D-8DBECB440F79_zpsarpop179.jpg]
[Image: C43652BA-7FF7-42A3-8757-8295E54F49E6_zpsmbgi2rpa.jpg]
[Image: 4157C5B3-0B8B-494F-B016-568B2832A94E_zps8mkftkzf.jpg]
[Image: C42ABAC7-2E9E-4BB7-A283-373A64623764_zpsy6whvb4t.jpg]
[Image: C5A52C3D-264A-4343-A5C6-C088ED6D864D_zpsbczomgnz.jpg]
[Image: 357B7921-9A00-48B1-B30A-EDD54C31A3BD_zpso930ziqm.jpg]