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Full Version: PC RU: Gordon(165), Martin(139), & Danica(93)
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Decided to start a PC RU thread just because Smile It will be as of today, way to many scans to add the ones I already have. Here are my recent additions:

[Image: Scan12_zpsn1mnrdqf.jpg]
2012 Press Pass Redline Relics Red #RLJG Jeff Gordon 01/75

[Image: img573_zpshletvul9.jpg]
2016 Panini Prizm Race Used Tire #12 Danica Patrick

Thank you for looking.

Nice additions Jerry. I thought you had me beat pretty good with AU's, but your RU #'s are also way higher than mine! I guess my numbers are lower b/c they are spread out over more drivers. I have over 50 JJ's and about 40 Bayne's, but I have a few each of many drivers. I have a bunch of stuff coming in later this week that you'll like to see. I am STILL ticked off about losing the JJ 2016 Prizm Black AU last night by only $1.00!!! I feel a little better about losing the Martin Penmanship White Flag after it went about $40 over my top bid. I'd have been REALLY PO'd if that one also sold for only $1 over my bid.
Thank you Adam, yeah it is easier when you have less PC Drivers, unfortunately two of mine are high end Drivers. I have been real lucky getting great deals on cards at times.