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Full Version: Anyone else ticked off at Beckett's lack of Prizm attention?!!!
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How is it that I know more about this release than the ENTIRE BECKETT STAFF?!!!! I only bought 2 hobby boxes, 2 blasters, and 3 Fat Packs. I uploaded scans of every non-base card I have on here. Some of the scans somehow ended up also attached to other cards, even after I posted the correct scans a 2nd time. NONE of the MEM or AU cards have correct numbering yet, even with scans attached. Considering that there are thousands of different cards in this release, I expected some confusion. But the lack of interest in fixing what I inform them of is really frustrating. I have already listed more COMPLETELY ACCURATE CL's on TCDB than Beckett has at ALL!!! I know they "copy and pasted" Panini's list, but even a minor amount of looking at cards shows the actual card numbers, esp. S#'d cards b/c the SN's are on the back.
I don't care as much about pricing as the Beckett team thinks any of us do. Pricing is irrelevant if the CL's/cards aren't even listed accurately!
Sorry everyone, but I had to vent my frustration with this. I do not work for Beckett, but apparently I pay them for me to give them correct information concerning anything NASCAR!
But Adam, jgrunert was so excited to put that post up here saying the pricing was live! You mean the checklists are still wrong?!?! LOL. But I'm sure the print is spot on...bah!

I'm with you...get the checklists correct. And, as you point out, and as we have all pointed out in the past, if I tell you that a card exists, add it..

But hey, I only pay for this, right? Who am I to expect it to be all correct?