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Full Version: 2016 RFFG - Week 24 - STANDINGS
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This week's race is on Sunday 8/28 @ Michigan - 2pm EDT on NBCSN. Cutoff time to make/change picks is on Saturday 8/27 at 11pm EDT. Here are the current points standings:

1. dun - 660
2. kev - 649
3. E7B - 634
4. spaz - 631
5. lead - 587
6. mini - 584
7. rghy - 570
8. kd80 - 556
9. csc - 480
My Draft Kings will probably have Logano in the mix, but for this, I am picking Harvick...
Newman Please
Come on Logano!!!
Brad K
Hey Dun, I was winning $172 before Larson got wrecked, I ended up with $14. I'm going with Larson this week!
I'm sticking with Jimmie Johnson this week.
I guess I will go with Chase Elliott for now.

Put me down for Kyle busch
Everyone's pick is written down. I'm going to be really busy during the race! Even though Corbin missed his pick and has no FP's left, everybody else picked a different driver. 8 drivers to keep up with is certainly more interesting than 4 or 5. GL everyone and I hope there are no rain delays for the Cup race like there was for the Trucks race.
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